Abuse is physical, emotional, sexual, and
psychological actions that demean  others.
If it feels like it, it is. Is it that simple? No. Abuse is deceptive and complex.  
Partly due to laws and lack of laws re
equal status, the right to own property,
equal pay for equal work, the right to
decide what happens to our bodies.
Sometimes abusers don' t realize they are abusing. A man told me, "I don’t hit my
kids as hard as my dad hit me." I asked him, "Do they have that comparison?"
Often abusers have been abused. It is a learned behavior - maybe the
only behavior they know. Learned behavior can be unlearned. Unlearning
abusive behavior and learning non-abusive behavior takes time. It  can be  
enhanced if the abusers understand that they are abusers.
People are denied freedom
of choice based on skin
color and/or religion. This
leads to greater abuse.
Why is abuse complex?