If a person is in an abusive situation, outsiders
often say, "Why don’t  they just leave?"  Because -
They tried to leave and there was
no outside support. Many women
are told by  their families, "You
made your bed, now lie in it."
They may have tried
to leave and the
abuser "repented".
A child may not
report abuse to
avoid the shame
connected with it.
The victim fears
the retaliation of
the abuser.
The victim is not in an
emotional or financial
position to leave.
The victim may not
realize that they are in
an abusive situation.
The victim may
feel responsible
for the abuse.
The victim may
not see any
other options.
The victim loves the
abuser and hopes the
abuser will change.
The victim is not the only person involved.  
A girl may tolerate sexual abuse by her
father to protect her siblings.