Much of my nursing
career has been in pediatrics.
I also worked with newborns
in Florida, and as a geriatric
nurse in WA  State.
in a Miami ghetto, I learned to listen
and actually hear what patients said. I
saw the importance of heritage and
environment  in the lives of those
I was trying to help.
30’s and learned to swim just
before turning 40. I took college
classes wherever we lived – after 20
years I  completed a BA
FL. My son was born 6 years later
in WA. My marriage of 17 years I
began in Florida and ended in WA.
In between, we lost a pregnancy.
The degree, divorce,
succession and pushed me into
despair and depression. Fortunately,
they also pushed me into therapy
with a Jungian therapist/
spiritual guide.
There were many
emotional  highs  and lows in
those years. Early in  life, I had learned
suppressed  them; I rarely felt them. My
"mask" was that of a permanently
cheerful nurse.
Finally, I had "a blinding
flash of the obvious" and knew
I wanted to be a therapist. Then
doors were suddenly
wide open.
the right path to wholeness
is made up of wrong-turnings
and fateful detours. I certainly
had my share.