My son and I moved to W. PA
for me to do an internship
at W. VA  U. in Morgantown.
(My daughter was at W. WA U.)
There we were — with a lease, knee-deep in debt — and
no job. We couldn’t afford to stay and we couldn’t afford
to go. I pieced together jobs — counseling and nursing.
Eventually I worked 6 different jobs plus driving at least  
20 hrs./wk.  It was a wonderful learning experience but it
took its toll on me, especially physically.
I finished an off-campus Master’s in
educational and counseling psychology through
Washington State U. in 2 1/2 years.  I did the
doctoral course work on campus in 2 years.  
I completed my dissertation on
dreams, personality types and affect
during that internship year - the final
requirement for my PhD in Educational
and Counseling Psychology.