In March 1998 my daughter and her husband  adopted
their first child from Viet Nam. I flew to Seattle to help. At
the end of that week, I stood at the airport holding this
precious baby boy and wondered, "Why am I going back
to SD? All that matters  is  right here."  (My son was then
a student at Western WA U.)
By July, I closed my practice in SD, sold my home,
finished contracts, and moved to Seattle. In October
2001, I flew with my daughter’s family to Viet Nam to
get their second child, another boy. That trip was
fantastic. I dream of returning Viet Nam. The people
are beautiful and welcoming; the country beautiful.
All this brings me to the present. I have a counseling
practice in Bothell, WA. I use Jungian therapy, hypnosis
and most of all, dream work to help clients on their journey of
Self-discovery. Each person is important, each story unique,
each path comprised of wrong turnings and fateful detours.