But the thought of going to a counselor can also cause anxiety. Usually we try to “fix what’s
broken” ourselves. We may ask friends for help. If that works, great. But there are times
when we need professional, objective, outside help.
Why see a
That first
contact is
What can you
expect from a
What does the
counselor expect
from you?
What should
you tell a
The connection between client and counselor is dynamic. With the right match you will experience,
perhaps for the first time, unconditional acceptance as a unique human being.
You will find new ways to solve your problems, improve your interactions with others, and
explore the future with confidence. You can learn to feel your feelings, employ your logic, and
trust your intuition. You will be validated and challenged.
In the process, you may also learn to sidestep locomotives and avoid the jaws of the alligators.
A woman said to me, "I finally see the light at the end
of the tunnel -  it's on the front of a big locomotive!
Life can be like that.  If it’s not a locomotive rushing at us, we may find
ourselves knee deep in a swamp full of alligators. A goal of counseling is to
help find a safe path through those obstacles.
Last updated February 17, 2014