What should you tell a counselor?
If you have seen a therapist in
the past, it is in your best
interests to say so. You know
what helped and what did not.
Tell the counselor if you have
concerns about a particular
aspect of the therapy.
Tell the counselor
if you are taking
If you feel that you may harm yourself (or
another), tell your counselor immediately
— don’t wait until the end of the session.
If you don't think
the therapy is
helping, say so.
If you believe you
are in danger, tell
your counselor.
If the counselor makes a suggestion,
remember that it is just that, a suggestion.
You are still responsible for your
decisions and actions.
Your counselor doesn’t expect you to be 100% honest 100% of the time. Fear of rejection,
embarrassment, guilt, a desire to look good, all factor into what you disclose. Honesty will
come more naturally when you begin to feel more confident in this setting.
Discuss the frequency of sessions with
your counselor. Sessions more than two
weeks apart tend to lose continuity.