© Margaret L. Cunningham, PhD 2002
Last updated May 12, 2014
DAILY DREAMS.  We can't consciously attend to each detail of our environment. Our
unconscious gathers and sorts this information into "important" and "less important" groups.
The "important" may come back in a dream.

For example, maybe we haven't noticed a change in the sound of our car engine. We may
dream about not being able to get where we want to go. Two days later we think, "I’d better get
my car’s oil checked."  [Hint:  when interpreting dreams always look for the ‘obvious’ first.]
PREDICTIVE DREAMS. We may think time is linear. In dreams time is circular or spiral.
About two weeks before the Oklahoma City bombing, a client said that her mother in a dream
told her, "Don’t go to Oklahoma City". The client said, "I wasn’t planning to go to Oklahoma
City." "Well," her mother said, "just don’t go to Oklahoma City." The mother had died many
years earlier. The client had no connections to Oklahoma City or the bombers.
OUR PATH. Dreams can remind us when we are going along with the crowd to the
detriment of following our true path. These dreams frequently involve modes of
mass transportation: buses, planes, trains, etc.
BIG DREAMS usually occur at
transition times in life and help
with this process. Often they
contain archetype images and
bring needed energy.
can be big dreams but they
occur more regularly. They
help us connect with the
universe, with the divine.
Dreams can be "deflating"
if we get puffed up with
ourselves. These dreams
often incorporate humor.