© Margaret L. Cunningham, PhD 2002
Last updated May 12, 2014
One area of growth is the development of our personalities (see MBTI).
Dreams bring unknown information into consciousness. We have
unused  parts of our personalities and dreams help bring us into balance.
An extraverted female client
dreamed of a quiet lady sitting in
a.chair, reading a book, beside a
fire. The setting was very
inviting. The client wanted to
take the lady with her "to meet
people" but the dream lady said,
"No, I don’t want to go out, I
want to sit here and read." The
client was scornful of and angry
with this quiet lady until we
explored her need to meet and
respect her introverted side.
Another client—this one extremely
introverted—wanted to return to
college but was very fearful. She
dreamed of a man she admired
who plunged into life and got
things done. In her dream he
offered to help her with a project.
She had the ability to "plunge in
and get things done" but needed
to access it. Once she knew that
"Joe" would help her she called
on him when in doubt and asked,
"How would Joe do this?"