© Margaret L. Cunningham, PhD 2002
Last updated March 17, 2014
If you go to a therapist with a
Jungian orientation, you should
expect to get to know previously
unknown parts of yourself.
Jungians use a
dream work,
sand play,
body work, etc.
Jungians are "depth" therapists. They help
parts of your personality. They also respect
the  "collective unconscious" — the part of the
psyche that is shared by everyone.
Jungian therapists have the same
credentials as other therapists.

However, Jungian therapists have
also been in Jungian analysis.

They know that all therapists bring parts
of themselves into each therapy session.

A therapist who does not know his/her
own self  can unconsciously harm a client.
Jungian therapy can be very intense.
Most of us resist change (no matter
how much we say we want to).