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It's natural to seek companionship. We want
to give love and we want to receive love.
All of us go through life — to a greater or lesser extent — unconscious. We
know parts of ourselves — usually the "honorable, loveable parts". The
unknown parts (positive & negative) we project onto others. It doesn't matter
if the other person  is the same or opposite sex. We still project onto them.
In an ideal world, each of us would be self-actualized — we would know the
real us, we would not project onto others, we would be able to accept others
as they are, we would find our perfect mate and live happily ever after.
If you're still living in the real world, and if you have concerns about your
relationship, you might look at what exactly is bothering you, what your expectations
were, etc. This is one of the areas where
counseling can be especially helpful.
Last updated February 17, 2014